Hi, I’m Bud, Bud Rook. Good to meet ya’.

 I’m the foreman out here for the D. Windle Mining Company. I’ve been working here for a few years now, first as a miner and now as the foreman. It’s quite a change, managing all these people, but overall it’s been a good change.

Most days in the mine are fairly uneventful, to be honest. We take the lift down just after sunrise, down into the vein, and collect our tools from the main hub. Then we take to the tunnels. It’s all very organized. We work in one tunnel until it’s cleared of coal before moving on. Coal is moved using the carts. It’s hard work, but there is something fulfilling about it.

Being foreman, I spend most of time in the hub, making sure everyone keeps me updated and is working safely. Every once in awhile, something comes up that takes me into the tunnels, but they are few and far between. End of day, we load up the carts onto the lift, and ride it back up to the surface. 

Everyone knows mining is dangerous work, but I generally keep my miners honest about problems. Getting somebody killed ain’t worth a little extra coal, no matter what some people say.

 After the collapse… well… It’ll be up to me to get everyone through this mess, and I only hope that I can. There’s a lot going against us, but if we can just work together we may just make it out of this.