A collapse has just occurred, trapping you and your crew of 16 other miners underground with limited food and supplies! You play as Bud Rook, the foreman of the mine. Your task is to guide your mining crew through the dangers and horrors of being trapped in a mine, and get them to safety. You’ll face external threats like additional collapses, poisonous gas, injuries, the darkness of the mine, and more in addition to the internal threats of ever increasing stress and psychological conditions that will drive you and your miners to the brink!

What's more, there's a saboteur in your midst!  Watch for clues as to their identity, keep track of missing resources, torches being put out, and even miners being killed to figure out who is working against you.  Once you know who it is, you'll need to take them out to survive!


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Each of the characters has more than 1000 lines of dialogue, to ensure that each decision you make in the game really impacts what the characters will do and say. Through extensive and dynamic dialogue trees that change based on the situation of the mine and miner, you will be able to get to know your fellow miners as individuals that you will want to save and hate to lose. You can speak to miners to lower (or increase) their stress or dislike of you, and each miner will have their own personality traits and quirks that can be uncovered through dialogue, and these traits and quirks will have to be taken into consideration when designating miners to tasks throughout the mine, as they will determine how effective each miner will perform each task.

Each time you start a new game, the world will be randomly generated so each experience is completely different.  Not only is the map itself unique, but the locations, frequency, and sequencing of resources, obstacles, and dangers throughout the mine will be different each time you play!  Challenge yourself to survive with your whole mining team for the ultimate "win"!  Be treated with a unique story of survival and loss based on your decisions in the mine as you end each game.

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