Hey guys!  Dan Here.

Today we’re going to talk all things Style!  First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to play the pre-alpha demo in light of the kickstart going live last week.  Hopefully that gives you a bit of a glimpse into the art direction of Dwindle.

Early off in development, the team decided that rather than taking a super-realistic route with the art direction, that Dwindle should have a more personal ‘hand-crafted’ feel to it in order to better immerse players in the emotional environment of the game, whether empathizing with the miners, or exploring the depths of the mine system.


Currently, the pre-alpha build features a 2D isometric cube system, in which cubes like these are tile-able in all directions.  However, as we transition to 3D to accommodate for far more advanced mine generation, we feel it’s imperative to retain this style, and are therefore hand-painting all of our textures to the new cube models.  Hopefully we can give you a preview of the new cube system as we polish it in the coming weeks.

We also plan to stuff the artbook backer reward with all sorts of goodies, such as the high resolution models and paintings from the games concept art and continued development.  However, The environment isn’t the only part of Dwindle getting a facelift (no pun intended):

– Miner Portraits –

If you’ve played the Dwindle Pre-alpha, you’ll know that the current miner UI portraits are head images of the miners’ 3D models.  We thought that giving it a touch more personality was a must.
Old and busted:

Bud Portrait

New hotness:
bud rook portrait

We are painstakingly hand-painting each character portrait for all 24 miners (yes that includes kickstarter reward miners).  These will be the new faces of your team as you help them escape.  Let’s do some side by side comparisons:

Angus Crowley:
Angus Portraitangus portrait
With the artistic transition, you can tell so much more about a character from simply their portrait. In image 1, it’s kindof hard to tell the character’s nationality and expressiveness.  We hope that the transition to something much more characterized is something you will look forward to in coming builds.  Also, all of the High-resolution painted portraits will be included in the artbook.

miner promo 1

 – Interface updates –

Dwindle has also gotten a ton more features over the last few weeks, including crafting, more resource management, and more assignable tasks for your crew.  Therefore, we desperately needed to update the foreman table interface, as well as a few others.  large foreman table merged (reference)
Meet your new crafting table.  WIth the new arrangement, we hope it feels far less cluttered and more organized as you hand out the resources needed to manage your crew, as well as assign them tasks.

loadout mockup 2Now, once you assign a miner to a task, you can actively choose what the miner takes with them to ensure it’s successful.  We decided that, even in the interfaces, you should feel completely immersed in the makeshift-assembled survival environment of the mine.

As we move forward, we’ll be sure to give you all the latest news on the artistic updates.  Until next time <3